Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Artist Recommendation

I have been admiring Amy Giacomelli's paintings since I first discovered that etsy existed. I believe it was after reading a magazine article about buying original artwork on the internet - no memory of which magazine that was. I browsed around and stumbled across her store.

I recently bought this little guy. I consider him my warm-up piece before I take the plunge (mix metaphors much? I guess I could be a swimmer that is warming up before a race) and buy one of her self-proclaimed HUGE pieces.

I visited her shop this morning and she had added a bunch of new pieces. They are so amazing and inexpensive for their size and quality. Go check them out.


  1. Have you seen this site, Jen?


    It has a lot of quirky art for only $20! There are tons of bird pictures so your post reminded me of it.

  2. I actually have been there before. I haven't bought anything yet though. Thanks for reminding me, I had kinda forgotten about it!


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