Friday, July 18, 2008

old photo inspiration

I was going through my old (and long since defunct) fotopage archives the other day and found pictures of our couch and coffee table in our Tucson apartment. My first thoughts were that 1) our coffee table is still the only creative project I have embarked on that has received significant comments/compliments (unless you count the wedding) and 2) I can't believe we are still using the same ugly throw pillows that came with our couch.

So here, enjoy (or don't enjoy) my creative endeavors and help me find some throw pillows with as much pizazz as our coffee table.

Here are some I like from CB2:

And Etsy Seller Olive has some wonderful handmade ones:

I'm not sure how white would work with the couch but I love them!

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  1. Holy crap! I just bought the bedspread from Urban that matches that bird print! Craziness!

    I think the turquoise one with the band would match the goldenrod sofa, which by the way shoots me back to fourth grade and watching The Muppet Show. We had, like, the same exact sofa. Looks just as cozy and comfy, too.


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