Friday, July 11, 2008


To pass the time during the incredibly hot Phoenix summer, I am fantasizing about a cooler-weather holiday. Fall is so beautiful in Arizona, it's my favorite time of year and last year I spent hours salivating over the Martha Stewart halloween ideas. Say what you want about her, I think she's a genius! Get over it! Anyway, I clicked over to the holiday section of her website and put together this board in polyvore to illustrate an idea that I came up with recently... why don't the monkey and I throw a halloween party this year?

We decorated the outside of our house spectacularly last year (we had the most trick or treaters in the neighborhood, I compared notes with my coworker who lives in our development). After the kiddies go to bed, why not have our folks come up from Tucson for a holiday bash? Why not indeed?

Well, the reason I post about it now is that my super busy season at work starts soon and ends in September, leaving me with major burnout in October. I'm hoping my organizational jump on things might help me out in the planning...

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