Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Welcome to Phoenix! Do you want to sit out on the patio?

... or do you want to live?

Saw the "stripped" show last night and it was wonderful! Eddie Izzard is hilarious and the show had the added benefit of being at the Orpheum which is so intricate and interesting inside (and 2 blocks from my office so no worries about parking - especially good because there was a baseball game)

image here
Mike and I each bought t-shirts and coffee mugs that say "cake or death" on them with a little cupcake. If you don't know why that's awesome, check out this youtube clip. It's a bit long but it is some of his funniest stuff and it puts cake or death in context. warning: vulgar language (if you're sensitive about that sort of thing)

As for the show, let's just say that the "no one does air oboe do they?" impression was worth the $100 bucks per ticket!


  1. "Uh, cake please."

    "Well, we're out of cake! We only had three bits and we didn't expect such a rush. So what do you want?"

    "Well, so my choice is 'or death’? I’ll have the chicken then, please."

    I'm jealous by the way!

  2. That's my favorite line! "my choice is 'or death'?" Love it


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