Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goldilocks & the Three Chairs Part I - The Intro

When I was 16, my Mom and I went to Denver to visit my cousin. We spent an entire day at the Denver Art Museum, affectionately known as the DAM (side note: that place is huge and we didn’t check to see that the impressionists [our favorites] were on the top floor and were therefore exhausted by the time we got up there). But, I digress. During our visit, we saw an exhibit of chairs. Now, I cannot find anything on what the actual exhibit was and the DAM archives don’t go all the way back to 1999 (which is incredibly irritating). So, picture this: a room full of all different types of chairs (I know, descriptive right?). Nowadays, I would think this was incredibly cool but, at 16, of course, I just made fun of it. How are chairs art? Hurhur

Mom and I were so snarky about it that it became a running joke. Chairs provided for tired patrons elsewhere in the museum became installation pieces for us to mock. “Oh, look… it’s more “art”!” hahaha. We even kept doing it for months after we returned to Prescott. “Hey, our living room is full of “art”!”

I have since discovered that chairs can, in fact, be considered art, and not in a ridiculous manner. Furniture can actually be some of the best kind of art because it is functional, affordable (in many cases), and can be displayed in one’s own home.

This concept is especially interesting for me now as I search for new chairs for my house. We are finally getting rid of our ancient faded orange lazyboy that was my grandpa’s and currently sits in my office at home. This thing is totally falling apart and has to have one of those plastic office chair mats underneath it to keep it from damaging the carpet with all its grease and its broken parts sticking out of the bottom. Mike is doing a happy dance because he has been ready to get rid of this chair for a long time. I think he would have preferred to get rid of it before moving into our house. It took me a while to do this because my grandpa’s death still seems so recent even though it has been 3 years. I am comforted in thinking that the furniture and other things that my grandpa actually made are much more important to keep than his old chair and I plan on keeping those things forever.

I also want at least one place to sit in our living room that isn’t part of our gargantuan couch. I think we would need 2 chairs – one on each side of the couch – to maximize seating with out having too much furniture in there. They would need to be small, but I think I can work with that.

And here begins my search for the perfect chair(s). Stay tuned!

**Jeez, my posts are getting needlessly verbose lately, especially for someone who loves pictures so much. I wish I was actually able to venture outside the office during the daylight hours to take some :(**

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