Tuesday, August 5, 2008

goodreads review - me & mr. darcy

I finally got around to doing a mini book review on goodreads. I chose a book I read a while ago because I had strong feelings about it... meaning I didn't really like it. I don't pretend to know more than anyone else about books and would never proclaim myself a reviewer extraordinare but it is kinda fun to do.

I also found out you can blog your reviews, which is pretty cool, so here is mine:

Me and Mr. Darcy: A Novel Me and Mr. Darcy: A Novel by Alexandra Potter

My review

rating: 2 of 5 stars

Here's the thing, I like Pride and Prejudice quite a lot. I have read the book, seen the movie and watched the miniseries multiple times. I even enjoy attempts at subtly rehashing the storyline like Bridget Jones' Diary. The key word here is "subtly." Someone who is such a huge fan of Jane Austen that they would go on a themed tour while re-reading Pride & Prejudice for the dozenth time, like the main character in this book, would obviously recognize the blatant parallels to the story present in her own life. Did she not learn from the mistakes and misunderstandings of Elizabeth Bennett? The completely unrealistic inner-monologue of such an enthusiastically self-proclaimed Austen fan weakens the plot of this book. There are, however, some funny antics, resulting in a mildly entertaining novel. I think that the author has some interesting storytelling abilities but she should steer clear of those that have already been told, and told better.

My verdict:

If you love Jane Austen – do not read this book

If you have never read P&P but plan to some day – do not read this book

Anyone else – if you like chick lit, who knows, you may enjoy it

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