Thursday, August 14, 2008

Women who make TV worth watching: Rachel Griffiths

edit: Note that I have corrected my GLARING grammatical error in the title and its related acronym. OOPS!

Ok the title of this post is incredibly long and, since I think I want to make this a regular segment I'll shorten it to 'wwmTVww' from now on. Kinda trips off the tongue, dontcha think? Maybe more like trips, falls, attempts to get up while everyone is staring, blushes, trips again, eventually gets up and runs away crying.


Anyway, Rachel Griffiths. She is splendid. She managed to portray such an amazing character in Six Feet Under that remained relevant and captivating without even being a part of the Fisher immediate family. She is also a shining star in the overdramatic Brothers and Sisters. In truth, she is the only reason why I even watch that show. She has the incredible ability avoid being typecast in her roll as Brenda on 6FU. Her transition to Sarah is so fluid, it seems that it could not possible be the same actress. How could she so realistically portray a messed up sex addict in love with the most unavailable guy on earth one minute and then a CEO and mother of two the next? Plus, she is beautiful in a not incredibly obvious and generic sort of way. That's the best kind of beautiful in my book!

She is so incredible, it is making me want to watch Six Feet Under all over again. I suggest you do the same.

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