Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day(bed) Dreaming

The husband and I have finally decided to replace our old giant futon downstairs to have more room for a desk and maybe even a work table in one of our spare rooms.

I'm thinking a daybed might just do the trick.

Now, how many of you thought of this when I said daybed?

Found this beauty here


We're thinking something along these lines is more our speed:


We'll be hunting for a while. Send me any inspiring daybed pics! Oh, and I promise to get back to that whole chair hunt soon!


  1. We have a West Elm daybed, and I've been thoroughly happy with the purchase. It's just so versatile -- has been everything from reading couch to roommate's bed to guest bed.

    And I love your blog too! Thanks for the comment and for giving me a chance to check it out!

  2. Loooove that last one. Have you seen the Jonathan Adler daybed? It's more of a chaise I guess. Anyway, it's yummy.

  3. twowishes - how sweet, thanks for stopping by!

    ellie - I do too! I'll check out Jonathan Adler - I love him; my downstairs bathroom is Adler poppies madness. It's great.

  4. oh my gosh...that 1st one almost made my heart get stuck in my throat. Thank you, THANK YOU, for the good laugh. I needed it :)


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