Monday, September 29, 2008

It was Miss Scarlett at the Obama fundraiser with my friend Ruben!

I'm very jealous of my friend Ruben who has accomplished one of my life goals (see the life list to the right - I have never had my picture taken with a celeb). He also did so with a lovely celebrity whom I admire. Painfully jealous.


  1. That bastard! I'm jealous.

    I was thinking (don't ask me why I was thinking about this, but I was) that if I ever passed a celebrity on the street, I might accidentally call them one of their characters' names first. Like, "Captain Jack! I mean, Johnny Depp!"

    Or what if it was someone you liked but didn't know their actual name? "Hey, it's Dr. Cox! I totally know your real name...really."

    I'll never get any photos that way.

  2. Yeah, I've TOTALLY thought about that. Like, a lot. Like, an unreasonable amount of thought. I'm paranoid that I wouldn't know a celebrity's name or wouldn't recognize them in real life.

  3. I could stare at Scarlett all day...but she lost quite a few percentage points for me in marrying Ryan Reynolds. After knowing him less than a year.

    Still, I'll always treasure Lost in Translation!


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