Wednesday, September 17, 2008


When I was younger, my ballet studio did big fairy tale productions rather than typical dance recitals. When I was 8, I played the leading role of Thumbelina, our fairy tale for that year. That was so difficult, let me tell you. It's a lot to ask of an eight year old to go to 4+ dance classes a week. I went to my own class (the rest of whom were playing dancing flowers or something like that), the little fish class that cut loose the lily pad Thumbelina is sleeping on after she is kidnapped by the toads, the older class with the mouse, the bird, the frog, and the mole (the rest of whom played the evil bugs), individual practices with the different older characters, and the younger class who played the fairies (including the fairy king - how embarrassing to have to dance with a boy when you're 8). The production was very cool though, even though I had to spend most of the first dance sweating inside a giant flower pot.

Anyway, even before I played the part, I loved the story of Thumbelina. I watched the movie and read the story over and over again. Today, I went on an etsy search for Thumbelina art prints and here are my favorites. A couple of the artists have prints for several fairy tales so I would go check them out. Find your favorite fable!

Top to bottom: 1,2,3,4

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  1. These are all so pretty! Just thinking about fairy tales makes me happy. I love that you made "Thumbelina" a tag, omg.


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