Saturday, October 18, 2008

All the halloween inspiration you need, even a shopping list!

Confused and/or exasperated over your halloween costume? There is a really great halloween costume contest going on over at polyvore. Entrants put together collages of great costume ideas.

Go create your own or scope out some inspiring looks. In a polyvore collage, each image links to the website it came from so if you find a great concept, you can even go buy the pieces! The invented concept costumes are great but it's the updated or unique takes on classic figures that I think are the best ;)* I wish that I could say I was doing something creative like this for my own costume. Mine this year has me really focused on looking as close to the actual character as possible (to the point of driving me a little nuts).

Who else has ideas? If you enter the polyvore contest, post the link in a comment to share!

*Meghan gets credit for the basic idea of the costume above. I just put together the pieces.


  1. Wow..! That is really a great Halloween costume contest. Love it…

  2. Love it!

    I got that specific hat and shirt, now I'm just waiting for all the pieces to show up on my doorstep :)


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