Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And all that Jazz

How many widgets is too many widgets? I guess when your page stops loading at any reasonable speed, then it would be time to cut down. You may have noticed that things have been changing around here (unless you primarily use google reader - like me - and haven't noticed anything). 

First of all, I am leaving my new blog header off this show and tell list because I'm not sure if I like it yet. I like it better than the other one just because it isn't a picture of me with my mouth hanging open. Anything is better than that.  

So, let us proceed from there. You can see to the left that I have a twitter roll that updates whenever I "twitter" or "tweet" or whatever avian verbiage I'm supposed to use to describe the concept of mini moblogging. I'm quite addicted to it at the moment and have been putting my unlimited texting plan to good use. Check it for my random thoughts, where I might be if I haven't blogged in a while, etc. (If you happen to be interested in those things)

On the right below the label cloud, there is my life list. I blogged about this a while ago and then added it here shortly thereafter. I update it periodically so don't worry; this short list is not all I hope to accomplish in my life. 

The etsy crawl has been here for a while. Whenever I find something really cool on etsy, I mark it as a favorite and it magically appears here. This widget is available through the site itself. No, these are not my own etsy creations (I wish!). See on the right my map of the US. After November 17th, I'll be able to add Florida! It is rather pathetic right now. I need to do some local traveling!

On the left down here you see my amazon wish list. I'm not sure I want to keep this on there but we'll see how it goes. It may be a temporary item. 

This is how we (blog)roll - down on the right you see my google reader recommended posts. These are incredibly fun. Basically, when I go through the blogs on my reader and find posts with cool stories, great music, beautiful pictures, good tips, great celeb gossip, etc., I share them and the most recent 7 appear here. You can click to see all of them and it shows up as a psuedoblog in a new window. 

And that is all for the grand tour. Nothing you couldn't have figured out yourself, but it's fun (for me at least!). 

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