Friday, October 3, 2008

How did I ever dress myself before polyvore?

I am a blogging machine today! You can imagine how much work I'm (not) getting done.

Mike and I have a wedding coming up in a couple weeks. I am very excited. Our friends Brad and Jen have been dating forever (aka, as long as we have) and they are getting married at the beautiful Oasis at Wildhorse Ranch in Tucson. It is a western-themed wedding (a pretty one - Jen has TASTE) and guests are encouraged to dress down. Hooray, right? Well, it would be, but...

Mike is the best man so it would look ridiculous if he was wearing this (ignoring the red vest):

and I was wearing jeans.

So I put this together for myself including a dress, boots, and clutch I already own. I figure it is western enough, but still me. Yee-hah!

**Update: - jeez this out fit is so matchy-matchy (There is purple in the pattern on the dress that kinda matches the clutch) - I can see Stacy yelling at me "It doesn't have to match, it has to GO!" Sorry Stace!**

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  1. YEA! I am so glad you are getting into the spirit! Can't wait to see you!


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