Monday, October 13, 2008

How to become incredibly easy to shop for and still get the things you want!

I have an amazon wish list that I have tried (sometimes in vain) to have my family and friends use when they buy me gifts. My mom thinks that I cheat and look at what has been bought (because my brother - the idiot - made a joke about it once) and then one year she shopped off of it but didn't remove things from the list and then yelled at me because I had given the list to others too (because it's my fault, of course, that she refuses to use a registry in the appropriate manner).

I told her this year it was the only list and she was just going to have to deal!! Mwahaha

So I got to thinking, I would love to receive items that can be bought off of etsy and other sites as well because I'm trying to buy more handmade, independent items. And then lo and behold, I find out that Amazon added a feature where you can put items from ANY SITE on your amazon list!! How great is that?

Click here to download the universal wish list button and import items from any site. One thing I have noticed is that it doesn't import the price from some sites so you have to key it in manually. It will show a picture of your item automatically which is pretty neat.

Cool, right?

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