Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Office supply humor for the cubicle set

My cube at work is definitely the most decorated of all the cubes. There is nothing worse than a boring workspace (especially if you have to be there as much as I do). It's nothing too fancy but I have framed pictures from my wedding and honeymoon, a bunch of my mom's handmade cards tacked on the cube walls, and seasonally-changing gel gem decor on the top frosted glass part of the cube. I even have a little stuffed Totoro figure that I bought in Tokyo in the corner.

And now I have found the best office supplies ever to add to the uniqueness of my cube and cement my position as the most clever and creative coworker in the land. I might need them for my home office as well.

I found these folders at paper source:

And these sticky notes are from See Jane Work:

And, of course, stickers to make your inanimate objects look like they have faces (from merch-bot): I actually also found all of these things and much more hilariousness at my favorite indie bookstore in Tempe. Go there if you're ever in the Valley! That's the Phoenix Metropolitan Area for those of you non-zonans. I bought the "see me" sticky notes and another set that say "humbly submitted for your approval" to stick on items for review.

How do you make your workspace more fun?


  1. A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I love anthropomorphizing objects!

    We decorated the office for Halloween already, so it at least looks festive around here. Could use a healthy dose of snarky folders though.

    Btw, I brought those custom post-it notes you gave me to work, but I only use them for messages to coworkers I like ;)

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  3. If you want to advertise on my site, pay me.

  4. Very cute! I've always loved those stickers. (And great use of the word "anthropomorphizing," Meg! My husband is always childishly happy when he gets to use that word....)

    Fred Flare used to sell fake plastic security cameras, which I desperately wanted to buy and mount outside my office door. Wasn't sure what my government employer would have to say about that one, though.

    I'm also a fan of Anne Taintor's office supplies, particularly the file folders: http://www.annetaintor.com/mod-file-folders.html


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