Friday, October 3, 2008

Sorry Mrs. Bee, but I think I'm leaving the hive

I am, by no means, influential on weddingbee. I was mostly a lurker with a few board posts and many more comments but I ALWAYS read the site, even long after my own wedding. It is a community like no other, full of creativity, where rude negative comments are shunned. I credit it with giving me at least 50% of my wedding ideas - maybe more. Wedding planning projects were an incredible creative outlet for me and I would have loved to apply to be a blogger myself had I not discovered the site too close to my wedding date.

All of this being said, I am disappointed in the decision to sell Weddingbee to eHarmony with its prejudiced position on LGBTQ relationships and marriage.

Though, if I were you, I wouldn't take my word for it. I'd take hers, hers, and hers.

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