Tuesday, October 21, 2008

wwmTVww - Lauren Graham

It is the loooooong awaited second installment in the "regular segment" (haha) of Women Who Make TV Worth Watching. Today's featured actress is the lovely Lauren Graham.

Lauren's character of Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls is the person I would most like to emulate if she were an actual person (except for her issues with relationships, but we won't go there). If one could have a TV character role model and not be sad and pathetic, she would be mine (ok, so I am sad and pathetic). She is much more quick-witted and quippy than I will ever be though, no matter how hard I try. This amazing TV actress has never won an Emmy, a fact that I find extraordinarily appalling. She has also been a secondary character in many unfortunate movies. I'm really hoping Flash of Genius is actually good. My aunt (who shares my obsession with Ms. Graham) and I have our fingers crossed.

Lauren carried Gilmore Girls through many spectacular seasons (and even some not so spectacular), through the beginning before Alexis Bledel learned facial expressions, through that one season where she decided to talk through her nose, (love you Alexis!), through the super dramatic one where they didn't talk to each other, etc., etc. The only faults I have ever found with her character were the result of writing and directing mistakes and changes, and never Lauren Graham's portrayal. If you haven't seen Gilmore Girls yet, where have you been? Go rent it now! Please don't subject yourself to Because I Said So though, that's like torture.

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