Thursday, October 16, 2008

Yay pumpkins

yay pumpkins, originally uploaded by prideofazchick.

I had so much fun in Prescott over the weekend. It was always a family tradition to go to the Young's farm pumpkin festival every year since we moved to Prescott. It was so disappointing when the farm closed.

But now, new life has been breathed into the pick your own pumpkin tradition this year. There are 2 pumpkin festivals in Chino Valley.

I also had a lot of fun with my polaroid camera there. Click the link for my flickr photostream above to see more of my Prescott weekend through its lens.


  1. Ah, I miss the Young's Farm pumpkin festival ;_;

    I loved the cart rides and picking your own pumpkin.

    Nice photos, Jen!

  2. Pumpkin festivals in Phoenix kinda suck. Either you pay an exorbitant amount just to get admission because it's a whole carnival (not just a pumpkin patch), or you get already picked pumpkins that you just buy from a big box.


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