Thursday, October 9, 2008

You ride up my thighs...

Who hates pantyhose? Claire Fisher does. (sidenote: why on earth does her co-worker listen to elevator music for fun?)

I absolutely refuse to wear pantyhose even though [technically] my office dress code requires them. I go defiantly barelegged on occasion but usually I wear the glorious invention of tights with my skirts and dresses.

Tights are awesome - they don't give you that constricting feeling and they are infinitely more difficult to run. They breathe more, and come in many many different colors and patterns ranging from conservative black for the office to crazy patterns and bright colors. For the cubicle set that has now been enlightened as to the magic of tights, go forth and convert others to my sect of women who are actually comfortable at the office.



  1. pantyhose and tights are the same thing! pantyhose is an american term and tights is uk.

    1. Actually they aren't. It is a completely different material. Hose are synthetic and rights are made of cotton.


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