Sunday, November 9, 2008

Eco-friendly items made to look disposable

Is it just me or are these totally great? Whimsy + Thinking Green = Fabulous. 

A ceramic "disposable" noodle bowl from SuckUK

Glass "plastic water bottles" from UO
A ceramic "disposable to go cup" from UO

Ceramic "deli coffee cup" from UO

I'll take one of each. Also, these could be fabulous Christmas gifts. I am determined to get my Christmas shopping done early this year - hence the posts about Christmas before I've even taken down my halloween banner. 

My Christmas Shopping goals for this year are as follows:

1) Buy from independent sellers whenever possible
2) Buy early - no last minutes this year!
3) Eco-friendly gifts are preferable
4) Green wrapping practices are a must!
5) If I can make a gift, I will, though I'm not extremely handy with the crafts

Please share any goals you may have - I love input.  


  1. I totally want the noodle cup. I would use it to eat noodles. It would be awesome.

  2. goals goals goals...i really like the idea of making gifts when possible.

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