Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Party of Doom - the Decor

Halloween Party Decor, originally uploaded by prideofazchick.

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The decor for our party was really fun, though very time-consuming! We had our usual over-the-top outside decor with jack-o-lanterns, spiderwebs, pumpkin-shaped lights, screaming skulls, thunder and lightning machine, fog machine, gravestones, hanging ghost, and haunted mirror.

Final count: 40+ trick-or-treaters, 4 kids cried, 2 wouldn't walk up the front steps, 1 girl ran screaming down the street. Yeah, we're those people. Also, this is all from our decor alone, we don't dress spookily.

Inside, we had many decorations as well. A few I haven't photographed yet, I'll get to it! We had glowing portraits and pumpkins along the stairs. We painted frames with fluorescent paint and spookified portraits of friends and family and printed them and cut out fangs and fake blood. We then backed the portraits with fluorescent paper so they glowed. Pumpkins were also painted with fluorescent paint and set on the stairs. (all Martha Stewart's idea from the halloween issue of MSL)

(I am planning a feature blog post in a bit on the wine labels so I can give full credit to the person who created them!)

Centerpiece was a glittered skull and pumpkin on a black-painted doily on a cake plate.

This was surrounded by "blood" martinis with 1 green "olive" floating candle. These were just made using giant martini glasses from Michaels (left over from our wedding candy buffet) filled with water and food coloring (and dry ice when the boys got silly).

We used dollar store martini glasses and wine goblets and added warning stickers (also martha) and glittery bug stamps to individualize them. We also had a bowl full of tonic water ice cubes (tonic water glows under a blacklight). The only ice cube trays I have are the fancy ones I bought at ikea on a whim and had never used. As a result, our "spooky" ice was in the shapes of triangles, hearts, and puzzle pieces. A tip for those attempting this at home - use flat tonic water. Bubbles only cause problems. I tried to make floating glowy hands with rubber gloves and all the fingers fell off because of the bubbles leaving cavities in the ice!

In the bottom right corner, you see "Velma" in a spooky bat cave. This was just created by using Martha's silhouette kit from Michaels and then adding branches in vases on either side.

More elements of our spooky party to come. I am posting all of this after halloween so I wouldn't give anything away to my guests! I'll hopefully re-post next October so you can steal anything you want!


  1. Wow....this looks incredible!!!!!! What an amazing party!

  2. Everything was amazing, you guys really went all out! I especially loved the "mad scientist lab".

    Hope you host one next year too, Halloween is the best :)


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