Tuesday, January 20, 2009

101 things in 1001 days

Man, making this list has been an ordeal. It has been painful to think about how lazy and boring I have become. I really hope that making this list will help me get off my butt and get going! Posting this is both truly liberating and more than a little bit scary.

Well, here we go (I didn't organize mine like some people, I just went for it!):

1. Clean out bathroom cupboards and cabinets
2. Plan at least one extended family activity (either side)
3. Become a CPA
4. Travel outside the US
5. Watch all of AFI's top 100 movies (that I have not yet seen)
6. Take 10 dance classes
7. Take 2 non work-related photography classes - started "Intro to Photography" 1/26 and "Unravelling - Summer 2009")
8. Organize bookshelves
9. Read 30 books I haven’t read before (five should be "banned books") (30/30) - need banned books!
10. Participate in 3 Sunday Scribblings
11. Finish quest to read every novel Michael Crichton ever wrote - I know this is kind of a weird goal; it's because I used to work in a library and attacked the shelves author by author.
·Andromeda Strain, the (1969)
·Terminal Man, the (1972)
· Great Train Robbery, the (1975)
· Eaters of the Dead (1976)
·Congo (1980)
·Sphere (1987)
·Jurassic Park (1990)
· Rising Sun (1992)
·Disclosure (1994)
·Lost World, the (1995)
·Airframe (1996)
·Timeline (1999)
·Prey (2002)
·State of Fear (2004)
·Next (2006)

12. Make wedding album
13. Publish a blurb book
14. Finish wedding guestbook
15.Take 10 yoga or other fitness classes [2/10]
16. Re-read "Lord of the Rings"
17. Re-read the Harry Potter series (7/7)
18. Re-read the "Hitchhiker's Guide to the galaxy" series
19. Purchase 2 new business suits or blazers (2/2)
20. Do at least 1 closet clean-out - donate clothes/purses to charity
21. Take 1 intermediate ski lesson
22. Attend an opera
23. Sell something on etsy
24. Go on 3 significant hikes (3/3)
25. Purchase 3 new blazers to upgrade work wardrobe (3/3)
26. Double my blog's google reader subscriptions
27. Visit 5 museums (5/5) (Desert Botanical Gardens, 2/8/09) (Science Museum, Easter weekend), Art Museum, Other Art Museum, Maritime Museum
28. Participate in 5 charity athletic events (e.g. Race for the Cure)
29. Tune up road bike
30. Hang all art/posters
31. Put together a "through the viewfinder" rig
32. Put together a wedding slideshow DVD
33. Go on 3 dives not planned by my parents (2/3)
34. Paint downstairs bathroom and the stairway (at the very least)
35. Dress up downstairs bedrooms with new duvet covers over the old comforters and new pillow shams
36. Make that "photo wall" I've been meaning to with the IKEA frames
37. Make those fabric/stencil decorations for our bedroom
38. Pull out that dusty clarinet and practice at least 3 etudes until satisfied (and until I can play for an hour without embouchure death)
39. Redistribute couch throw pillows and try again - the current ones are beautiful, but too small
40. Visit 5 states that I've never been to before (Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska)
41. Create cleaning plan that is consistent. Maintain this cleaning plan until it becomes habitual.
42. Have a custom blog makeover done professionally (in process)
43. Wade into the Atlantic Ocean
44. Give myself a guilt-free out on 1 of these list items (could be this one)
45. Complete the 100 pushups training program (in process)
46. Make that recipe book with all the family recipes in it
47. Take a train in the U.S.
48. Take a solo trip
49. Sort through all the storage boxes
50. Clean/organize closet
51. Go wine tasting
52. Complete a NaBloPoMo
53. Start kitchen herb garden
54. Get a new cell phone
55. Get a new passport
56. Go to a drive-in movie
57. Take a cooking class
58. Plan meals/cook dinner every night for a week
59. Make lunch and bring to work every day for 2 weeks
60. Replace that silly broken orange chair
61. Eat at 25 new restaurants Count so far:25
62. Read 5 biographies
63. Cultivate small backyard garden (in pots – at least 5 of them!)
64. Inspire someone else to start his or her own list
65. See another Cirque du Soleil show
66. Take a spinning class
67. Make a trek to the farmer’s market 5 times (5/5)
68. Go sailing
69. Go to the zoo
70. Visit the Grand Canyon
71. Visit Hawaii
72. Clean the couch thoroughly with upholstery cleaner (hasn’t been done since we moved into our house)
73. Clean out and organize my home office
74. Buy filing cabinets and use them
75. Get a display case for my camera collection
76. Implement a “Monday films” requirement for myself – fulfill for at least 10 weeks (10/10)
77. Shoot with my SX-70 (accomplished 2/8/09)
78. Brush up on my Spanish
79. Finally buy that new car
80. Plan a picnic
81.Create blog/facebook page/twitter account for volunteer program 
82. Go to a Doctor re: my headaches
83. Go horseback riding
84. Try Sprocket hole photography
85. Stock up on polaroid film and store in refrigerator
86. Adopt a dog
87. Learn all the state capitals by heart
88. Stay somewhere that advertises itself as "haunted"
89. Learn 50 ASL signs
90. Transfer existing 8mm tape to digital format
91. Make a new 8mm video
92. Finally edit our video from Japan now that we have a new computer
93. Visit an aquarium
94. Go to a ComiCon 
95. Go one week without snoozing my alarm
96. Become a better communicator! Send 10/10 emails, make 10/10 phone calls, and send 10 notes to friends for no reason
97. Go to Disneyland - May 15-17
98. Brush up on "fast math" skills with flash cards
99. See an animal in the wild that I've never seen before - Fox
100. Go camping
101. Make a new list of 101 things when the 1001 days are over


  1. Good list!

    This shold help with the state capitals ;)

  2. Awesome List! This has inspired me to do the same! I can help with 22, 24, 27, 34, 43, 51, 68, 69, 70, 71, 79, 86, 93 94, 97 and 100! :P

  3. Thanks Meg.

    Jeff - I might have to hold you to #34

  4. You guys should come with me to ComicCon this year! Even though I lived in San Diego county for 3 years, I never went. So this year I got a ticket for Saturday July 25.

  5. And if you're here for that, you might as well take care of #97 too!

  6. you go, girl! that list...just made me tired. you should blog about all these. it would be so fun to read!

  7. I'm starting my own list, though i'm only up to 28 so far. :-P


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