Saturday, January 31, 2009

The big blog makeover (or "blogover," if you will) - color schemes

I'm working on a blog makeover with lots and lots of awesomeness (is my slang vocabulary outdated? You'd tell me right?). My goal is to launch the made-over blog sometime in February or March. I'm excited to unify it, have an awesome theme, and some exciting new features (exciting to me, anyway). First things, first. I need a new color scheme. Since I'm addicted to wedding inspiration boards, here are some for the 2 color schemes I'm considering. Thoughts? Alternatives? 

Red & Aqua via HERE

Orange & Aqua via HERE

Yes, I like aqua. 


  1. I like the red and aqua best, it's very vibrant.

  2. yup, I like the red/aqua one the best as well.

  3. Aye, go with red/aqua. Great combo.

  4. You are a very smart person!


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