Sunday, January 18, 2009

Movie luggage inspiration

As I'm watching "Catch me if you can," I'm totally inspired by the stewardess (back when they actually were stewardesses) luggage. Especially the cute little train cases (some of which matched their (apparently requisite) lipstick shade.

I found a couple of cuties on etsy vintage

I'm wondering if I could pull one of these off or if I would just look silly. One of my goals is to try to be a more chic traveller and I think these are so cute. 

Anyone have thoughts on the "chic traveller" thing? I always feel really sloppy or incredibly uncomfortable when I travel. For business trips, I would like to split the difference. 

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  1. My mom has one just like the blue one. She still uses it for cosmetics and toiletries when she travels.
    The inside doesn't have a mirror, it's just blue lined, but it does have two fold-out trays (like you might see in a jewelry box).


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