Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Progress... a little, anyway

Hello sad, lonely blog!

I'm making baby steps toward accomplishing all of my 101 things. The list is a bit daunting! I started my photography class yesterday (#7!). The college has a brand new, beautiful facility and I'm excited to get started. Unfortunately, since I've already taken an introductory photo course, it was 3.5 hours of lecture on a bunch of stuff I already know. I'm itching to get some darkroom time, though, the facility really is great. Except they put an emergency door in the darkroom so I know I'm going to be that idiot that walks out of it, not thinking, and destroys everyone's prints and then gets tarred and feathered, or drawn and quartered, or other such nastiness. But, the fact that they have one of those gigantic epson printers with a million ink cartridges makes me excited to take a digital photo course at some point. Also, as part of the class, we take a field trip to the Art Museum (#27!) which should be fun. The professor also talked about the medium format and 4x5 enlargers that they have for the advanced class. Sign me up!! The only thing I'm nervous about are the peer critiques. Hopefully people are nice. I'm also hoping that a few people drop now that they found out how expensive photo supplies are (especially if you are developing your own stuff) because the class is a bit overcrowded. Also, I want my own darkroom.

I'm also attempting to walk more. Yesterday I walked from the train station to campus for my class. It wasn't bad, but I think when I have to cart photo paper and an archival box full of negatives in addition to my SLR it will definitely be harder. I'll have to carry Mike's day hike backpack and maybe ride my bike. Guess I'll have to do #29 first! I also walked to the record store downtown today, bought way too many LPs, and then walked back. I loved it! (the walk, not the store, I was disappointed in the selection). I did, however, see many photographic opportunities. Must bring a camera next time.

I'm loving this 101 things list... do it! It is great! I'm updating with notes so if you click on that obnoxious "101" sign on the right, you can see what I've done so far. I'll also be updating with (hopefully less wordy) blog entries like this.


  1. I'm sad the Circles was not as cool as it could have been. Zia seems like it might have a better selection, or Bookman's.

    Good job knocking stuff off your list. :-D

  2. What a fun project, and congrats on your progress!

    Also, I just bought medium-format film this evening, so good to know you'll be able to develop it for me. (wink.)


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