Monday, February 9, 2009

The life list

***I'm relocating my life list into a post for blogover purposes - it's the same one that has been on the sidebar*** no particular order...

Visit every continent
See a space shuttle launch in person
Have my own dog friend
Have a kitty friend
Get a good job I like
Get a masters degree
Backpack around Europe
Build dream home
Visit China
Visit Japan
Return to Japan to see cherry blossoms
Visit Australia
Visit Canada
Dive the Great Barrier Reef
Play a musical instrument
Get married to the one
See the olympics live
Pass CPA Exam
Become a CPA
Have my picture taken with a celebrity, the fact that I'm scared to talk to them notwithstanding
Have my picture taken with Katee Sackhoff, in particular
Have my picture taken with Lauren Graham, though less likely
Eat gelato in Italy
Publish...something (even a boring business article will do)
Go Skydiving
Take an autumnal road trip just to enjoy the leaves
Hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim
Float the Grand Canyon
Take a basic art class
Take a refresher photography class

See in real life (not in a zoo):
a shark
a whale
a dolphin
a sea lion
a sea turtle
a manatee
a giraffe
a bear

Swim with:
a whale
a shark
a sea lion
a sea turtle
a dolphin
a manatee

Visit every state in the U.S.:

visited 19 states (38%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

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