Monday, February 9, 2009

My name is Jen, and I am a plant killer.

The only reason that I have living plants is because I have a husband who waters them. I'm also not entirely convinced that my cat would be alive if she didn't yowl for food and water annoyingly the second I walk in the door. But, I digress.

This message is for all the rest of you plant killers out there. Those poor plants won't whine to be watered, they just wither in the corner and by the time you notice it is TOO LATE. The only plants that I managed to keep alive were on my desk at work and even then I would forget for a while until they became quite droopy.

Enter, the grobal. The magical magical grobal.

It waters the plant for you!!!!! I have had a plant in mine for over a month and it still has plenty of water in it. And it even has a handy dandy indicator on the side to show you the water level. And, it is so sleek and pretty and comes in really great colors to complement your plants. This draws your eye to it even more and thus, you end up checking the water level indicator.

It is so cool. Mike and I are slowly replacing all our current indoor pots with them.

They come in this mini "baby grobal" size, too.

We have a tangerine one with aloe vera growing in it, similar to this photo.

All images via grobal.

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