Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why I'm afraid of lipstick

I never wear lipstick. Whenever I put it on, I usually freak out and rub most of it off right away. It just looks so unnatural to me. I have pretty good natural lip color so any strong color that strays too far from natural looks strange to me. Plus, I have total paranoia about getting it on my teeth or smeared all over my face and look like this: 

I bought some sort of lip stain to counteract this problem and it totally freaked me out. It was like drawing on my lips with a marker. It worked really well, but I think I need a different shade. It was a bit intense for me.

I agonized over the lipstick color that was originally suggested by the makeup/hairstylist for my wedding for days and then finally called her and told her I absolutely couldn't do brown lipstick. I'm pretty sure she thought I was off-the-wall certifiably insane. She was very nice, though, and said of course we could go with a different color (and didn't mention that it was completely nuts that I had just called about lipstick). 

The thing is, I think lipstick is absolutely beautiful. I even like the word "lipstick." There's something about the way people say it (even when they are making Sarah Palin jokes). 

It's absolutely timeless and iconic, not to mention the amazing array of colors and cases.

I wish I wasn't so sloppy and unsophisticated so I could pull off wearing it!


  1. I'm a bit like you on this. At the same time, I actually love the look of color on my lips -- it just has to be the RIGHT color! My solutions have been: (a) tinted lip balm [usually very little tint, so it's a good first step], (b) lip gloss [sometimes a bit too shiny or sticky, but usually I like the texture more than drying lipsticks], and any color labeled "sheer."

  2. I want to do the bold red lipstick color but am sooooooo afraid...


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