Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weekly Coffee Homage

Why not drink your coffee out of a cool vintage cup, or pour it from a groovy glass carafe? Don't you love these? I found them all on etsy vintage.

See the bottom for links.

Available here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Question - how do you feel about giving/receiving vintage gifts? Is there some stigma attached to them? Like they are "used" or "cheap"? I would be thrilled to get any of these vintage coffee items.


  1. Cool stuff! I <3 anything coffee related.

    As for vintage gifts, I really think it depends on the person. If they enjoy vintage stuff, then it would probably be OK but if they are not into it, then they might think you were being cheap.

    Personally, the reuse of old items is a fantastic philosophy. Not only is it great when you find a use for an old item, but it's environmentally responsible. Recycling is good, but reuse is better because it consumes 0 energy while making something useful out of something that might have been headed for the landfill.

  2. Hello from unravelling. I love vintage and would be thrilled to recieve a gift like that. BTW coffee just taistes better from a cool looking cup.
    -jj (studiopink)


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