Tuesday, May 26, 2009

What Love Looks Like

Click HERE to help with Sara's campaign for marriage equality. Get yourself a free bumper sticker and a cool awesome sidebar like mine. Even though I don't live in California, I'll do my part. Hopefully Arizona will recognize marriage equality someday.


  1. I always wonder, why is it necessary that we have a government definition of marriage at all? I mean, if I want to file taxes jointly with someone or declare them my next of kin, why does it matter whether they're a spouse or a lover or a close friend or a roommate maybe even just a trusted business partner?

    So I don't support federally recognized marriage equality, because I don't support federally recognized MARRIAGE. If two people want to call what they have a marriage, that's between them, their families (if any) and their church (if any). The federal government shouldn't enter into it at any level.

  2. Ben - unfortunately, I don't think that federal marriage policy is going to change anytime soon (or ever), so I'll argue for what I hope I can get. If someone wants to get married, they should! And, they should receive the same rights, privliges, recognition, benefits etc. as I have.

  3. **and by federal marriage policy, I mean the fact that marriages are sanctioned by the government (and it is technically the state governments, not the federal govermnent that regulate it)


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