Thursday, June 25, 2009

Whimsical weddings done RIGHT

Does anyone remember the circus-themed wedding on Ed? Were you also cowering with embarassment and barely-suppressed rage at the idea that this was their WEDDING? What were they thinking?? Thank goodness they also came to their senses (at the very last possible second, I might add, after I had bitten my fingernails down to the quick). I'm thinking my overreaction to this wedding was probably due to the fact that I was planning my own when I watched this season.

I cannot even look at this picture any more.

I thought that so whimsical a theme could not possibly ever work for a wedding, that it would always be tacky. Let me tell you, I was so wrong. Check out these absolutely amazing photos from a carnival themed wedding. I am swooning over their freaking ferris wheel. FERRIS WHEEL, PEOPLE! I want to go to there.

Inspired by some of the shots from the above wedding, check out these equally amazing inspirationg boards from snippet & ink:

Can I get married again, please? How fun would these weddings be?

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  1. I have yet to rewatch the Ed finale because of that horrible circus wedding. That they'd even get that far with it is a ridiculous notion, and it made me wonder if they were just trying to stick it to NBC or something...


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