Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Wookies are part man, part dog, and part horse

I have to share this everywhere possible because it is hilarious.

A movie preview of Star Wars that ran in Tiger Beat written by someone with a third grade education, apparently, after having done a half-assed interview with Mark Hamill...


(click photo to embiggen)
(via stuck in the 70s)


  1. LOL! Man, this article is golden (and by "article" I mean "multiple uses of 'it's' and exclamation points between misspelled words to form some semblance of sentences").

    "Hans" Solo? "Jawass"? "Radiers"? I especially love, "Mark buys the robots!...They're after Mark so he can't buy more robots!"

    This may be my new favorite thing ever.

  2. WOW.

    "They're staring at a huge glowing object!"

    Ohmigod, that's so interesting!
    < / vallygirl voice >


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