Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Funny People, Funny Movie... but don't get your hopes up too high

No spoilers. Just opinions.

I had been looking forward to this movie since I first saw the trailer and I liked it, given that I have a fondness for Judd Apatow flicks and an unhealthy obsession with Seth Rogen (yeah, I don't know why, I just REALLY like him. I'm into the geeky, goofy, pathetic types - no offense, honey). Without my fixation, you might not be as riveted by this movie as I was. It was definitely a bit slow in the middle and the story did not, shall we say, flow smoothly. But, most of it was really funny, which was the point, after all.

I was disappointed that it wasn't the "perfect for me" movie that I was hoping for (you have no idea how much!) but I think it is definitely still worth a watch - even just for the hilarious lines and the stand-up portions. Just don't look to closely at the trailers, a lot of the really funny moments are in there.


  1. I've been wanting to watch this ever since I first saw trailers for it months ago. Thanks for the warning not to set my expectations too high...I'm sure I'll still enjoy it :-)

  2. I've been really torn as to whether I wanted to see this movie or not! Everything I hear about it on reviews, talk shows, interviews, etc sounded good and made me interested ... but the trailer didn't catch me at all. It looked ok in the trailers, but not stellar - at least not to me - but all the other hype has me intrigued.

    So now I'm not sure. Maybe at the cheap theatre?

  3. I hate it when a movie I really look forward to doesn't quite pan out, that sucks!

    Watching an actor you adore even when the movie isn't the best is always good though :)


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