Monday, August 24, 2009

Small Town Triumphs

For those of you who don't know, I grew up in the pretty small community of Prescott, Arizona up in the northern part of the state. In short, for those non-Arizonans, that means we have seasons, even winters, with snow and everything. Not too harsh, but very different from the Phoenix weather and environment.

But, I digress. As with most small communities, evidence of history is important to us, including the amazing Victorian houses on Mt Vernon street (the hot spot for trick-or-treating on Halloween), Young's Farm just out of town in Dewey (which is being developed, a story for another post), the first Governor's mansion downtown (Prescott used to be Arizona's capitol city!) and signs around town, one of which was the Senator Highway Drive-In Sign.

Last October, my brother and I went on a photo safari and, on a whim, we went over to the old Senator Drive-In sign, which we had never shot before. The Drive-In does not exist anymore, but the sign has remained. In a crazy coincidence, less than a week later, this sign was torn down because some Prescott newbies complained about it being an eyesore.

Ironically, I was told that a group of volunteers were scheduled to come down that same week and re-paint and clean the sign. Needless to say, people were pretty upset about losing this piece of our history. It was truly a town landmark.

Over the weekend, however, I got an amazing email from a fellow Prescottonian who saw my photos. He told me he was part of the group of volunteers who were going to restore the sign the week it was torn down and had purchased it from the salvage yard. After a year of protest and lobbying, he is pleased to announce that the sign is being put back up!!!

This made my day and I'm sure that other Prescott people will enjoy reading about something in our hometown being preserved when so many other things are changing.

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