Thursday, September 24, 2009

I totally stole this idea from Ashley and Tara

Alternative titles include: "Letting my geek flag fly" and "I think my husband is going to hate this one"

Warning: I start to lose coherency at the end because of all the hotness. I apologize in advance.

I have to give Tara and Ashley props for blogging about their TV boyfriends and making me realize that I absolutely must do the same thing. I have been putting off this post because it illustrates exactly how much TV I do watch, which is a lot. But, what are blogs supposed to be if not accurate representations of their authors?

There is nothing quite like an excellent TV show. I am a complete TV geek. I love me some good TV. Not sure how many ways I can say that or why I keep saying it. I don't watch reality shows, except for project runway. I love shows with a twist, rather than run-of-the-mill procedurals (though I have watched those too) and sitcoms (I find most things filmed in front of a live studio audience to be boring and predictable). What I really like are off-beat dramas and sci-fi/fantasy - anything that takes me out of my element, I absolutely love. To tell you the truth though, I will watch pretty much anything with good characters.

But, I digress, on to the hot stuff...

TV Boyfriends/Girlfriends are those characters that you feel a connection to - you are excited when they appear, they make you laugh, you are pretty happy when they hook up with someone because you get to see them kiss (etc...!). I'm sure you know what I mean - your TV crushes.

Since I'm a total TV slut, I had a hard time narrowing this down to my top 10 15 27- I had to eliminate older shows. Please share your own TV boyfriends/girlfriends in the comments and/or in your own post. You have no idea how much fun this is. Remember, as always, this is a judgment-free zone.

Here we go, counting down to #1!

27. Sam Merlotte, True Blood

I have only watched the first season so NO SPOILERS. I think this is mostly rooted in the fact that I really like the book character (again, no spoilers, only read the first one) and the TV character is a hottie. Plus, I really have a thing for TV guys who are in love with/pining for another character and can really convey that feeling to the audience.

26. Dr. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan, Grey's Anatomy

I really don't like any of the "nice guys" on this show. Actually, they really aren't so nice. The only truly nice guy is the supposed scoundrel, he is surprisingly sweet. It doesn't hurt that he is also smokin' hot.

25. Daniel Meade, Ugly Betty


Ignoring his former manwhorish ways, he is sweet, cute, a snappy dresser, a totally nice guy, and a great boss. Not that I would recommend dating your boss...

24. Rodney McKay, Stargate Atlantis


I know, right? He is a pain in the neck stuck-up ubergeek but I can't help it, I just think he is hilarious. Plus, his complete ineptitude with the ladies just endears him to me. It doesn't hurt that he has a thing with Dr. Keller in the last season (played by Jewel Staite, whom I adore).

23. Luke Danes, Gilmore Girls


Remember that thing about a character being endearing because they pine for another character who doesn't see it? No one does that better than Luke Danes. Except maybe #3... (foreshadowing...don't look yet!)

22. Detective Sam Tyler, Life on Mars (American remake)


I loved his chemisty with Annie and his unrelenting determination to do the right thing, no matter how un-1970s it was. This show ended before its time, I think it had great potential.

21. Gio Rossi, Ugly Betty


It's like Ben vs Noel all over again. Can these girls ever choose the right guy?? I was in camp Gio all the way. You know that pining thing again? He had it down. I am noticing a pattern developing.

20. James "Sawyer" Ford, Lost


First, I hated him. To tell you the truth, he's kind of a dick. But there was the pining, and stupid Kate, and adorable Juliet, and hearing his whole story. In the end, I can't help but love him.

19. Special Agent Fox Mulder, The X-files


Who wouldn't like him? So what if he believes some crazy stuff? He's usually right. I don't even know why he needs an explanation. Most people reading this are probably wondering why he is down at 19. You know why? Because it's my list, people!

18. Sherriff Jack Carter, Eureka


Need something impossible done to save everyone in town just in the nick of time? Every day? Jack Carter is your man. The only non-genius living in a town of geniuses, he still seems to be the only one that can ever solve problems effectively. Secretly, I think he is smarter than all of them.

17. Dr. Jack Hodgins, Bones


I really had to hold myself back from saying something ridiculously stupid like "he can be king of my lab" because, seriously, ew. It sounds like something Samantha on Sex and the City would say. I liked him even when he had crazy goofy hair. It's the geek appeal, my friends.

16. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard, Stargate Atlantis

Similar to Jack Carter, this is the guy you need to save everyone from danger and put himself in harm's way over and over again. He went on so many suicide missions, it should qualify him for martyrdom, even though he didn't actually die.

15. Richard Castle, Castle


How could a character that Nathan Fillion plays not make it into the top 15? I mean seriously. Castle is hilarious, genuinely nice, a good dad, and he has good chemistry with his on-screen partner. Plus, it's Nathan Fillion, people!

14. Desmond Hume, Lost

I don't usually like long hair, but it works for him. Devotion to his girl throughout the ages even though they were divided by space, time, the island's mysterious properties, Desmond's powers, and Penny's murderous father wins him a place as #12. Accents don't hurt.

13. Karl "Helo" Agathon, Battlestar Galactica


Helo is devoted to Athena against insurmountable odds - it is, in large part, because of him that he is accepted despite being a frakking cylon. He just loves her, no matter what. Plus, he isn't bad looking...

12. Ned the Piemaker, Pushing Daisies


Expressive eyebrows, love that supersedes death, magical abilities, and serious pie-making skills: Ned has it all. Plus, can you imagine staying with someone even if you can never touch them?

11. Lee "Apollo" Adama, Battlestar Galactica


This is definitely flight suit-wearing Apollo, not suit and tie-wearing Lee. Let's make that distinction right now! It doesn't help that I kinda have a girl crush on Starbuck too and those two definitely have some chemistry. I just find him quite likeable and I think he gets a bad rap. Plus, again, smokin'!

The closer I got to #1, the harder it was to do the order. There is some interchangeablity from about #10 until we hit #3....

10. Lt. Tom Paris, Star Trek Voyager


Weren't you wondering where the Star Trek was? I know you were. Tom Paris, the bad boy wearing the uniform, with a troubled past and a penchant for bringing the crew together using zany holodeck programs, is intensely crushable. I thoroughly enjoy his relationship with B'elanna too, despite all the drama. Plus, I love that he proves himself and overcomes his past.

9. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, Angel (note that it does not say Buffy here)

Sniveling, bumbling, weasel turned complete badass. Gotta love Angel and its transformative powers. Angel became a truly interesting main character, Cordelia became likeable (and then later, not), and Wesley became sexified. It doesn't hurt that Alexis Denisof is married to Alyson Hannigan in real life.

8. Jim Halpert, The Office

I have been trying to use character photos, but this one was too good to pass up.

Come on, you all know you wish there was a guy in your office like Jim. Oh yeah, and the PINING. I totally must have a thing for the pining. I have discovered to much about myself in this exercise.

7. Captain Malcolm Reynolds, Firefly


Badass, hilarious, and intensely quotable, there is nothing not to love about Mal except, perhaps, for the object of his affections. Bleh.

6. Lt. Commander Worf, son of Mogh, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine

OMG what a loser, she has a Klingon in her top 6.

I don't even like Klingons, except for Worf. It is completely irrational. I spent the first three seasons of DS9 asking Mike when Worf was going to show up. I'm seriously so annoying. Then he finally arrived, and I cheered.

Sometimes I just can't explain the attraction.

5. Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

The original unattainable hottie vampire kicks Edward's ass any day. Enough said.

4, Dr. Simon Tam, Firefly

I know, WTF, right? I just find him so very attractive and funny in a not-trying-to-be-funny sort of way. It's pining in reverse, too, because Kaylee pines for him. It works BOTH WAYS. My husband is going to be him for Halloween... **swoons**

3. William the Bloody aka Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel


Buffy, you idiot, he loved you even when he didn't even have a soul!!!!! The PINING!!! The hotnesss! AAAAAAAHHHHH! Plus he is funny!

Note: I had an incredibly hard time choosing between #1 and #2.

2. The (Tenth) Doctor, Dr. Who

Hilarious, goofy, adorable, sweet, well-traveled (understatement), and sexy as hell. I get a little swoony every time he puts on his glasses.

This clip pretty much sums up how everyone feels about the doctor (it's super short):

1. Special Agent Seeley Booth, Bones

Badass, hilarious, nice, sensitve, caring, and a great match for Brennan. I love me some Booth. I had to make him #1 because of how much I love this show.

That is all in my shamefully long list. Please share yours!


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  2. I'm straight. Good, now that that's out of the way here is my list:

    5) John Sheppard (Stargate Atlantis)
    4) Angel (Angel)
    3) The Doctor (10th) (Dr Who)
    2) Booth (Bones)
    1) Malcolm Reynolds (Firefly/Serenity)

    Those were just my top 5. Yeah.. I should probably go write my own list except with women or something after that...

  3. Too many typos in first comment :P

  4. I really wondered when I saw Richard Castle, "Okay, granted I haven't seen that show, so maybe it's amazing, but if you're going to pick a Nathan Fillion character, how can you pick ANYONE but Mal?" Didn't realize we were allowing double-dipping until I saw Mal higher up on the list. Good. All is right with the cosmos.

    ...By the way, Tom Paris is pretty and Worf is awesome, but when it comes to Star Trek, Picard owns all.

    I am of the firm opinion that you can be straight and have two exceptions, two guys that you're gay for. Once you get to three, you're probably bi, and you should look into that. But you can have two and still be perfectly straight.

    Captain Picard is both of mine.

  5. It's not double-dipping because it's based on the character not the actor :P I think my two would be Mal and Castle. If it was a threesome would that break the universe?

  6. Ben - This is 100% based on character, the actor doesn't matter. It has nothing to do with "allowing double dipping". It wouldn't be fair to not be able to include an actor because he played 2 parts.

    Picard is a badass but I am not really attracted to him, hence he is missing from my list.

    You should make your own list (instead of just critiquing mine, loser :P).

  7. I must share your pining issue because, Gio! Spike! Ahhhh. There's something so deep in the way they looked at their beloveds.

    And your "character not actor" theory is interesting. It does make a difference, because I thought Helo was the hottest thing going but I have NO interest in his boring Dollhouse character. Meanwhile, I actually find Fillion sexier in Castle. Is that weird? (And Dr. Horrible, of course. At least for the outfit.)

    You must not watch Burn Notice, because there's no way Michael Weston wouldn't make a list of 27!!

  8. Tara - I haven't watched Burn notice but my brother (Jeff, above) insists that I should be watching it. It's on my list.

    I am totally with you on Helo, that is such a good point - it has to be character-specific because I don't feel anything for Paul Ballard either.

    Castle is totally sexy, I'm with you there. He is really charming - I think it helps that he is obviously into her, something Mal was never straightforward about with Inara.

  9. Ah! TV boyfriends! I have so many! Very good list.

  10. Very nice. You have a couple on here that I might have had if I'd watched their TV shows when I made my list. Like Castle, Jack Carter, and John Shephard. I also enjoy that both Fillion and Boreanaz have two spots.

    And now, a question: you don't like Inara?!

  11. Ashley - I know! Apparently we have the same taste in men - and watch mostly the same shows.

    It's not so much that I don't like Inara, it's just that I don't like them as a couple. I think that she is always trying to make him someone he isn't. Plus, sometimes it just feels like default coupling - they were the only ones left on the ship who weren't spoken for, crazy, or Jayne. I still wouldn't change anything about firefly, though. It's a pretty damn perfect show.

  12. I already know that my comment is going to turn into a novella ;) Really fun post, I'm totally going to do this for my LJ!

    Completely agree about Sawyer. If I met him in real life I'd probably think "what a douchebag!" but, somehow, I love him.

    Desmond!! *swoon* He and Penny are absolutely my favorite Lost couple. I cried so much during "The Constant".

    Oh hell yes Tom Paris! I really like him and B'elanna too. Ever notice how their relationship takes huge leaps when they think they're going to die? ;)

    Aw, I kinda liked the unlikeable Buffy!Wesley and Buffy!Cordelia :D Angel!Wesley is excellent, of course.

    MAL!! and Simon, both good choices.

    Spike: cheekbones to die for <3

    And finally, note to self: need to watch more of The Office and Dr. Who.
    (I don't think my first comment took).

  13. Meg - don't get me wrong, I like Cordy and Wesley on Buffy but when I watched Angel I was thinking "main characters? WTF?" and they are just surprisingly great and they really develop and change.

    I know what you mean about Tom and B'elanna. The first time they *almost* have sex, it was because they thought she was going to die if they didn't. I am glad you like him too, I have always had a thing for him.

    PS - why is alien mating always so violent and dangerous on Star Trek?

    I am completely obsessed with Dr. Who right now. It is AMAZING.

  14. I told you: my list is all Picard. Picard is the alpha and the omega. (-:

    "It's not so much that I don't like Inara, it's just that I don't like them as a couple. I think that she is always trying to make him someone he isn't. Plus, sometimes it just feels like default coupling - they were the only ones left on the ship who weren't spoken for, crazy, or Jayne."

    YES. Seconded. Any time they try to play up sexual tension between the male lead and the female lead in ANY show, it's like watching the quarterback date the head cheerleader. It's expected, it's boring.

    My favorite part of the movie was that the pairing they decided to deal with was Simon/Kaylee rather than Mal/Inara. (-:

    Maybe Simon/Kaylee is just as expected, but I liked it better. Maybe just because Kaylee's a hottie and they never QUITE make Simon SO clueless as to get annoying, even though they come close.

  15. Fun post! :D

    But Helo made it higher up on the list than Mulder??!!! Helo? Really?

    I haven't seen Bones or Castle, but I'd like to check them out!

    Also, Sam is adorable. He doesn't get nearly enough page time in the novels! He was my original favorite when I read the first book, but then Eric came along. Mmmmm, Eric. :)
    I don't know much about how they portray him in the tv series because I don't watch it, but the actor they got is pretty hot, I guess.
    I think Sam may have more to do in the latest book, but I haven't read it yet. He's so cute, though. And Sam Eliot is a perfect Sam. Sookie is a lucky, lucky girl.

  16. Dude, this is not your list. What happened to judgement free zone? I like helo and I was never as into mulder as you were.

  17. This list is awesome! It was so much fun to read. I kept going "Yeah! That guy is totally awesome!" I love the characters that don't usually get a lot of attention, like Desmond Hume from Lost and Helo from Battlestar.

    David Tennant is definitely in my top 5, as well as Mal. I would probably have Picard and Daniel Jackson (Stargate SG-1) in there somewhere. Oh and G'Kar and John Sherridan from Babylon 5.

    Hmmm...I should make a TV girlfriends list now. I have some good ones.

    Great post babe, I can tell you put a ton of work into this. :-D

  18. No judgment intended! I was just surprised, really.
    It seemed like BSG totally forgot about Helo after the first/second season or so! He was such a main character in the beginning, but then just faded into the background when other characters started getting more screentime. Then again, we haven't finished it, so maybe he has more of a role to play in the ending.

    I really like the pictures you used, btw! They are all very handsome :) I love the tie that #25 is wearing. Ugly Betty is another show I've always meant to check out but haven't.

  19. Mel, I too am sad about the absense of Helo's awesomeness in the later seasons.

    Finding the right character photos was pretty much why this post took me so long to write. It was probably my favorite blog post ever. I should do more things in the same vein.

    I find it interesting that all the boys responded with lists of guys. Maybe I should do a list of girls too.

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