Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Halloween time! Post 1 - Costumes

First, costumes. I don't pretend to be an expert on costuming. Truthfully, it has always been pretty difficult for me to come up with costume ideas. If you feel the same way, I have discovered several tools to help that I think might benefit you in your search.

First of all, I strongly recommend Polyvore as a super easy way to put together a costume (or any outfit). You can piece together photos from most websites or search the images others have added. My basic advice for creating costumes that don't break the bank is to select 1) something simple but recognizable (cartoon characters are often the easiest to emulate and the most recognizable), 2) something with pieces you can add to your normal wardrobe (or that you already have), or  3) something you would wear again to another event (multiple parties or conventions). I like costumes that are made up of "regular clothes," rather than pre-assembled costume sets (unless you are into #3 and would wear it several times).

Complicated costumes can be really cool, but I think that it is sometimes just as impressive to put together a simple costume and get all the little details right. My costume last year was Kara "Starbuck" Thrace from Battlestar Galactica and her outfit could not be simpler. It's basically olive pants, combat boots, and 2 different colors of tank top. What makes it fun is that I ordered replica dog tags, added my husband's wedding ring to the chain, pretended to smoke a cigar, and got some tattoo printer paper to replicate her unique body art. Here is a link to a photo of the character, since my uploader is not working at the moment.

I also created a bunch of costume ideas on polyvore for fun last year. This whole thing originally started when my friend, Meg, told me that she wanted to be Carmen Sandiego and I started sending her links to red trench coats. We found a really cheap one at forever21 last  year, which is the one I think she ended up wearing. She looked great, and most of her costume is re-wearable as regular clothes.

That's her boyfriend, Evan, as Waldo. Perfect couple, eh?

Speaking of great couple costumes - Mel and Ben as Velma and Shaggy, anyone?

Deceptively simple and well executed. 

I'll also re-post my entries into last year's polyvore costume contest for more inspiration, and an illustration of how useful it is as a tool (and fun).

I have already got some ideas brewing for this year! Happy Costuming!

What do you plan to be this year? Please share any additional tips in the comments, I know I'm not an expert.


  1. Yay, Halloween! :D
    I love the hat in the Peter Pan ensemble. How's the Kaylee outfit going?
    My tip is Google Shopping. It picks up lots of hits across tons of different sites, and you can arrange results by price, so I was able to find lots of bits for cheap.

  2. I think I might be dumb. I don't understand how to work that website.

  3. Meg - excellent tip, I use that too.

    Ashley - it's the clipping thing that is annoying - to preserve the links and sources, you have to use the clipping tool to import pictures.

  4. Meg - I forgot to answer your question. The Kaylee costume is going well. I have shoes, jacket, shirt, patches, and parasol. I haven't found the perfect coveralls yet.


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