Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tweetstats + Wordle = fun

I discovered (thanks to Amy) tweetstats.com today. It tells you how often you tweet, the day on which you tweet the most (mine is Tuesday), your top 5 tweeted words, and it links you to wordle, one of my favorite fun online tools.

Here are my wordle clouds, the first without @replies, the second with @replies. It's fun to see who you talk to the most.


And yeah, my top tweeted words are "new," "blog," and "post" - that doesn't exactly tell me a lot about myself. 7 of the top 8 people that I @ reply the most, I know in real life. I'm not really sure what that tells me either, but it's interesting.


  1. Nice, I'm glad you liked it! Fun idea to use it with wordle.

  2. I ended up with top words of "good", "day", "today" and "twitpic".

  3. Fun! Somehow, I'm not surprised that "Wolverine" is the top word for my blog :P



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