Thursday, November 5, 2009

A great day to be a geek (as is every other day)

I am going to say that my "phoning it in" type post about Castle, though awesome, doesn't count as my NaBloPoMo-worthy post for the day.

So, here are 2 great things about today:

Number 1 - It is the anniversary of the invention of time travel! Yes, on November 5th, 1955, Doctor Emmett Brown slipped on wet porcelain in his bathroom and hit his head (while hanging a clock, of course). When he came to, he drew the design for the flux capacitor which, as you know, makes time travel possible.

I can't take credit for remembering this on my own, though - I got a reminder from Gizmodo and my friend Bryce. It makes me want to watch Back to the Future, one of my favorite movies of all time.

Number 2 - Remember Think Geek's April Fools joke about the Tauntaun sleeping bag that everyone wished was real? Now, it is!! Pre-order your very own at Think Geek today!

Yes, the lining looks like innards. As far as I know, it doesn't smell bad (inside or out), which is a plus!


  1. Good Lord, they want a Benjamin for that? At that price, it better be made out of real Tauntaun.

  2. I'm actually not surprised about the price - it's about what I expected for a full size, adult sleeping bag with a bunch of silly detailed Star Wars features. At least it's functional. I'm liking that the Tauntaun head is a pillow. That being said, I probably won't be shelling out $100 for one for myself anytime soon, it's just good fun :)


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