Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I hate pies

I like baking virtually everything except pies. Mine always look ragged or I burn the crust or I forget some dumb ingredient like the dots of butter or the pinch of salt (or both) or realize that the apples should have been sliced thinner and piled in the middle so the pie isn't all slumpy on one side. Plus, I can't taste the pies in advance to make sure they're ok, like I can with cookies or cupcakes or just trust my instincts like with a cake I've made 100 times. And why on earth does Martha Stewart's recipe site have 8 different recipes for pie crust under different names that are all the same recipe? Is the point of that just to freak me out and cause momentary panic when I think I've made the wrong crust? Also why do some pumpkin pie recipes require you to pre-bake the crust and some don't? I think it's probably just to make my life difficult. It really is all about me, after all.

I don't get why pies have to be the go-to Thanksgiving dessert. I want to start a new tradition next year. I'm going to have a pie-free holiday and serve pumpkin cheesecake or individual sweet potato cupcakes or something.

Have I mentioned I hate pies????


  1. If you made that pie you are my hero! It's really pretty! I hate pies too. My new love is brownies from a box. Yup I bought some tonight. Screw baking. ;)

  2. Hi! Great to see another photographer and to see food! Stopping by as part of IComLeaveWe.

  3. Oh, but it tastes so good! But I know what you mean. Mine are never as pretty as the pictures and I feel awkward about serving them.

  4. JC- I did make the pie. I made the little cutout pumpkin to hide imperfections in the top of the filling. It worked and it made the pie cuter :)


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