Thursday, November 19, 2009

Shopping the Baby Aisle

I have always had sensitive skin so sometimes I buy baby products instead of adult. They work well, are (obviously) safe to use, and are usually a lot cheaper than adult products (especially if you buy generic). I was shopping for a baby shower gift last night and thought this might be a good post - my baby aisle secrets: using baby products for adults.

Baby Shampoo - A really gentle shampoo for problem hair or sensitive scalp. Also, it can be used to wash your dog or de-fog your mask when diving/snorkeling. Yes, really.

Vaseline - under-eye cream, moisturizer, lip balm, blister prevention, chafing treatment and prevention, or spread it on your feet (and put on socks) before you go to bed. Simple, and it works great. Plus, you can find lavender and chamomile scented vaseline in the baby aisle. I put it around my eyes before bed each night.

Baby oil - body oil, bath oil, eye makeup remover (put a little on a cotton ball). This also comes in different scents if you don't want to smell like a baby.

Baby bedtime bath - Lavender scented bath - way cheaper than fancy adult bath additives and so relaxing. I add it to a bath of epsom salts when my muscles are sore.

Soothing vapor bath - for babies with colds, also for adults with colds! I just bought some and haven't used it yet but it sounds AWESOME.

Baby powder - use for foot powder or anywhere else you need it. It smells way better than any other talcum powder.

Baby lotion - super gentle unscented lotion

Aquafor (baby chapped skin healing stuff) - the best lip stuff for tragically chapped lips. My dermatologist recommended it to me.

Eucerin - great lotion if you skin is irritated or rashy

Oatmeal bath - useful for kids with chicken pox, also great if you have dry, rough skin or a rash.

Also, this doesn't exactly fall under the "baby aisle," but I shave my legs with cheap $.75 conditioner - it works really well, is super cheap, and smells great.

P.S. I discovered they now make "baby cologne" when checking out the baby aisle last night. Come on people, that just seems wrong.


  1. My attempts at breastfeeding were a disaster, but I'm thankful I tried in part because it taught me about Lansinoh lanolin. It's a bit thick and sticky, but absolutely the BEST as lip balm and moisturizing skin healer.

  2. Baby cologne? WTF? Babies are SUPPOSED to smell bad. That's how you know it's time to change them. That's like making special cologne for poo so that you can spruce it up right before you flush it.

  3. Ben - you're right, because babies don't have body odor so the only scent you would need cologne to mask would be poop scent.

  4. I like to use Baby Oil Gel on my feet at night. Then I slip into some cotton socks. It really helps dry, cracked heals.

  5. It has never occurred to me to check the baby aisle for low-priced alternatives, but now I might!


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