Sunday, November 22, 2009

(SPOILERS) My first liveblog - Star Trek

SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS.... though if you haven't seen it yet, what are you waiting for??

Hi all,

We just bought Star Trek Movie on Blu-Ray and I have to tell you that I absolutely love this movie, I truly enjoyed seeing it in theaters (and I am a big Star Trek fan). I just want to get that out of the way, just so you know that any snarkiness during my liveblogging experience is just good-natured fun, I'm not hating! Also, I haven't been frequenting any forums or sites about this movie so apologies if any of my observations have been discussed to death - just know that I came by them honestly :-)


  • First scene - Someone asked if the enemy ship was Klingon. No, it can't be Klingon, there are no Klingons in this movie! I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but it is a little weird. Maybe they haven't decided how the relations between the federation and the Klingons will be in this alt reality. 
  • He killed me, George, killed me with a sword....or ax-type thingy, but that's not the line.  
  • Is this movie the reason why Dr. Cameron went blonde on House?
  • Who is the chick with the big eyes? I think it's interesting that they decided to introduce new species of alien. 
  • You think Nokia would have changed its annoying default ringtone by now
  • Are the Beastie Boys now (really really old) "classic rock" because... yuck
  • They couldn't have gotten a child that was naturally blonde to play young Kirk?
  • Apparently, Vulcans don't weed out the bullying tendencies with the rest of the emotions.
  • I love the little "Star Trek Universe for dummies" explanatory moments they have to have so that this would appeal to the general box office crowds. Vulcans have really strong emotions but they choose to suppress them? How interesting!
  • Winona Ryder and her "old woman" voice - I remember it well from Edward Scissorhands. Also, why are her boobs square? 
  • When Spock says "Live long and prosper" after turning down the Science Academy I like to add "BITCHES!" in my head... or out loud
  • Budweiser classics? - PRODUCT PLACEMENT
  • Yeah, he can join Starfleet Academy by just showing up, because he is James T. Kirk and that's just how he rolls. 
  • DAMNIT, HE IS A DOCTOR! Love it that Bones already said that as part of his first line. Usually I'm sitting there mumbling "say it" under my breath the whole movie for classic lines like that. I can't tell you how disappointed I was that Chekov never said Nuclear Wessels. 
  • Thinking back on the various series, they are all WAY too old to be cadets. Wesley Crusher, anyone?
  • I love how the green roommate tries to act natural by laying on her bed in her undies. Uhura seems unfazed, does she do this a lot?
  • First Kirk/Spock face-off. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife.
  • Hehe... "exceptional aural sensitivity" sounds dirty when spoken.
  • YAY, it's the Enterprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *geek out moment*
  • hey... hey... the external inertial dampener parking brake is still on... *facepalm*
  • Chekov is actually young enough to be in the academy. P.S. was it someone's idea of a sick joke to give him an access code with 2 V's in it?
  • Jim's reaction to the vaccine is by far the most hilarious part of this movie
  • Since when do hyposprays hurt?
  • I saw R2-D2 this time!!! It only took knowing exactly where he would appear on screen and strong concentration (plus the ability to pause and rewind)
  • WTF is Red Matter, people?? Seriously, I know you are trying to be untrek-y but you have at least explain it a little. Or give it a better name. 
  • Dude how (awesomely) obvious was it that the red-suited guy was going to die on the away mission? They should have known not to give him the charges.
  • Pull your chute, Ensign Ricky! Given that he was carrying the charges, they should have made him explode impressively. That would have been sweet.
  • Good thing the bad guys brought sword-type weapons. Otherwise Sulu would have been useless.
  • I've got a fever, and the only prescription is MORE LENS FLARE
  • Chekov is adorable, I want to pinch his cheeks
  • I'm not going to talk about how disproportionately advanced the technology and displays seem when compared to the series. I choose to ignore it. It's shiny and fun. (but seriously, did you SEE the medical tricorder? We can't even begin to say that's consistent... ummm... "insert alternate reality explanation")
  • Uhura and Spock in the elevator... hot hottie hot... I love Spock
  • Damnit man, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!
  • I love the alternate reality, it can explain away any inconsistencies and we can continue on with subsequent awesome movies without worrying about continuity at all. The scary thing about this is that they can kill off main characters. (DON'T!)
  • Thank you for using Majel Barrett as the Starfleet computer voice. Otherwise, there would be much laying down of the smack. She IS the Starfleet computer, bitches. Edit: Ashley reminded me that Majel Barrett passed away last year. :( I loved her. They had better find someone who sounds just like her, then.
  • Poor Old Spock. Tear.
  • Are you out of your Vulcan mind? Bones rocks. He cracks me up. 
  • They are on an icy/snowy planet. Don't they know that all planets in the trekverse are supposed to look like California? or a sound stage with a puddle of goo? And where is a Tauntaun when you need one? Also, shouldn't the weird alien creature have had fur or something? It seemed oddly out of place.
  • The casting in this movie rocks my world. Simon Pegg as Scotty? Best choice ever.
  • Why on earth is there a random system of tubes with water flowing through them? For Scotty to accidentally beam into, of course! I'm having Augustus Gloop flashbacks. That part of Willy Wonka freaked me out as a child. 
  • woohoo... Uhura and Spock makeouts on the transporter pad - that's hot. I really like that Kirk doesn't get the girl this time. He's kind of an intergalactic slut... or he will be, anyway.
  • "I'll be monitoring your frequency" - how sweet.
  • I really wanted Kirk to say "Never tell me the odds!" when Spock started rattling of the statistical likelihood of their plan's success. But, then again, I would have been mad if he had. 
  • What's with the Romulan facial tattoos? I'm thinking a) it makes them look creepier and b) you can easily distinguish them from the Vulcans. 
  • Sir if you ignite the red matter.... who knows what will happen because no one knows what it is!
  • I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have made as much Nero merchandise if he wasn't played by Eric Bana. He's not that interesting of a Villain. 
  • I'm givin' her all she's got captain!!
  • Detonate something and the re-route the stuff to the thing and it will give us enough of a boost to get away! I'm not sure why we don't just have a button to do that to begin with!
  • Spock meets Spock - Space-time Continuum remains intact
Ok, that ended up being longer than I expected but it sure was fun!


  1. 1. There were supposed to be Klingons in this movie, but now they are just in the deleted scenes.
    2. The naked roommate: I think this is a guy thing. Guys like to think that we walk around in our underpants and touch each other and whatever.
    3. Chris Pine has incredible comic timing.
    4. Where is R2-D2?!
    5. JJ Abrams is obsessed with red balls. Did you watch Alias in season four?
    6. Spock makes me tingly.
    7. Majel Barrett is dead now :(
    8. This was awesome.

  2. I'm glad there weren't Klingons, early Klingons are annoying.

    Aw man, Majel Barrett died? I loved her. I'm not sure how I missed that.

    Here is help on finding R2-D2

    5. I haven't seen Alias yet, but it's on my list!
    6. Agreed agreed agreed

  3. Yeah, it happened right after she recorded the voices for this movie. Cancer, I think.

    On a happier note, did you know that every single Romulan (aside from Nero) is voiced by Wil Wheaton?

  4. Yay, Star Trek!
    1. What Ashley said about the Klingons. The deleted scene was pretty disappointing anyway, I'm glad it wasn't included in the final cut. Plus, the Klingons take Nero and his crew as prisoners, so when they escape the prison planet 20+ years later, they get the Narada back how exactly? *shrug*
    2. Nero: "I killed a guy with a trident!" /Anchorman ;)
    3. Yeah, Beastie Boys on the radio, I don't think so. I mentioned this on a forum and someone's response was, "They still play Mozart on the radio!" Right…I'm sure Beastie Boys will represent the best of rock centuries in the future.
    4. "That squares my breasts!" (
    5. Lol at Uhura not batting an eye at Gaila lounging in her undies :D
    6. "You can cut the sexual tension with a knife." Kirk and Spock, first documented slash pairing.
    7. I love the vaccine/hypospray scenes! "Don't be such an infant!" Yay Bones :3
    8. Yes, nice that the Romulans conveniently chose melee weapons.
    9. Seconding the random water tubes. I totally thought of Augustus Gloop too! :D
    10. Here's a really great fan video about the Kirk/Uhura/Spock relationship. I don't like the idea of a love triangle, but the vid's pretty cool I think (
    11. Nero was a lame villain. The Star Trek movies need to move away from the single, throwaway villain concept (no Khan, please oh please no Khan!) Can we get the crew vs. space anomaly? Maybe someone doesn't try to destroy Earth for once? The series are rife with awesome plot ideas!
    12. I love that the Enterprise crew hangs out to, essentially, taunt Nero. They really didn't need to fire everything at him, the black hole was overkill anyway. If only they had left earlier, no need to boost away!

    Haha, sorry for the long reply, I could've gone on even more :D We should watch this together sometime!

    Did you watch the bloopers yet? Like I mentioned, you'll love the last one :)

    More random trivia! ZQ's brother has a cameo as a Romulan. Oh and James Doohan's son sits next to Scotty in the transporter room, aaaw.

  5. Meg - I tried to find the "that squares my breasts" thing but I was thinking it was a photo with a caption and not a video. Thanks for the link!

    And ah yes, it's much more dramatic if they start getting sucked into the black hole. We ARE at Warp!

    I agree that they shouldn't have the throwaway master villain next time (Romulans from the future? Lame!), some of the best storylines from the various series are built around a continuous threat that they have to fight against (Borg, Dominion, etc.). Plus, since this is before everything (except Enterprise) and they are in alternate reality, they can basically just make up ANYTHING. The Universe is huge, anything could be out there.

  6. Oohh, now I want to run out and get a copy of the DVD for myself! (And I was doing such a good job of resisting temptation.)

    I loved your Live-Commentary. I found myself answering along with a lot of the items.

    I wondered the same thing about Vulcan children being bullies. And I missed R2D2; again, I have to go get a copy to watch tonight.

  7. All the old Star Trek TV series are on here every night. They seem to run the movies at least twice a month on weekends too. It's a bit too much. The only one I still like is the one with Scott Bakula. But I'm getting worn out on it too. I still really like the theme music though.

    Visiting from IComWeLeave.

  8. Fun! I think it's a great idea, to "live blog" something that isn't necessarily live.

    I run a WWE blog, and am planning to do this with last Sunday's PPV.


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