Sunday, November 8, 2009

Worst roller coaster video ever

Ok, I usually don't use youtube because I think that place could basically be located in a cave under a bridge for all the trolls commenting on there. With my iphone, however, I can publish straight to youtube without even using a computer and, being a really lazy person, I couldn't pass that up.

The best parts of this video are 1) my weird commentary (basically I just keep saying "YETI" and yelling), 2) the fact that my finger figures prominently in the later part because I had to grip my phone tight to keep from dropping it and 3) the best part of the ride is backward in the pitch dark. This is only evident because everyone starts screaming so much louder at that point.

This was my first iphone video, just taken to test the camera. I think it did a pretty good job for a cell phone camera.

Warning - Everyone starts yelling really loudly so I would keep your volume down.

No criticism of my video techniques, please. I know it sucks.

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  1. Lol, you weren't kidding about yelling "Yeti!" the whole time ;) I've never been on that one before, it looks great! Like the Matterhorn...but with more Yetis.


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