Thursday, December 10, 2009

Liveblogging - Calling all Requests!

I had so much fun doing this live blog of Star Trek (the movie). I would really like to do some more. I'm thinking big cult classic movies or awesome TV episodes/series.

Criteria include:

1) Must be LEGEN (wait for it) DARY
2) I must have seen it multiple times (or I will once you suggest it)
3) I love it so much that I have to make fun of it, lest I move into embarrassing fangirl territory (which I am dangerously close to already just by doing this)

Iron Man
Batman Begins
Lord of the Rings Trilogy
Star Wars Trilogy (I was thinking the originals but OMG, I could make fun of the prequels so much - even though they don't really fit into my categories)
Sense & Sensibility (whoa, just took a turn there) - Don't worry, I can make it funny!
Pride and Prejudice
Any Disney or Pixar Animated feature (omg, the possibilities)
Gone with the Wind
Any Miyazaki movie
The Nightmare before Christmas
Musicals! Bring 'em on!

There are so many, but if I list them all it's no fun... Suggestions/requests, please!!!


  1. My vote is on Star Wars, the Prequels. That sounds delicious. I would also like to see Home on the Range liveblogged, because I have a vendetta against it. But that probably won't be very to watch, so you can ignore it.

  2. Raiders of the Lost Ark. Because it's awesome, and because you have a thing for Harrison Ford. :-D Also, I love that movie so I can watch too. :-P

  3. @Ashley - I think I have to do the prequels, not because I love them, but because I would enjoy making fun of them soooo much.

    @Mike - yeah, basically anything with Harrison Ford in it would make the list.

  4. I'm just excited because of your use of the word legendary!

  5. D'oh! How did I miss this? I totally second the Star Trek prequels, it would be hi-larious.

  6. *Star Wars
    Haha, can't get that Trek off my mind!


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