Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playing Catch-up

I have been slowly editing my photos from the road trip. Here's a sneak peak. 

1. Route 66 - Here it is sign, 2. Route 66 - Sun 'n Sand, 3. Route 66, 4. Route 66 - Oklahoma

I have been catching up on everything else back in the real world including my disaster of a house (neither Mike nor I have been home lately), my blogging your way e-course (absolutely love it, but I really wish I didn't have more than a week's worth of amazing posts to read now, it's easier to go day by day), and my sewing e-course, in which I am woefully behind. Embarrassingly so. Good thing the class materials remain up for a whole year. If you didn't catch my post about guesting on Campfire Chic, here is the link for that post. Even if you are not a camper, you will enjoy these recipes.

Anyway, I would rather know what is going on with everyone else since I have been out of contact for a couple of weeks (aside from auto-blogging). So tell me, what are you up to?

P.S. I'm rockin' the Heidi Braids today. I never knew this hairstyle was this easy (and cute).

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  1. Auto-blogging is amazingly helpful! It's also terribly addicting, and I have to stop myself from doing posts more than a week in advance!

    Thank you again, for the guest blog post, there was a lot of good buzz about your recipes :)


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