Friday, September 24, 2010

I'll interrupt your regularly-scheduled autoposting...

...for this announcement! I have officially finished my (backwards, according to Route 66 fanatics) journey from Flagstaff to Chicago. I traveled solely on the remaining portions of Route 66 (which is a lot, I was on the interstates very rarely), so it took 7 days of driving to accomplish. Now I have 2 days to drive back!!

I did some tweeting on the way (minimal in later states because I was concentrating more on taking pictures with my camera, rather than my phone), so I have reproduced the appropriate road trip tweets here if anyone would like to see them. I included my travel grievances, since those are just fun.

Please start at the bottom and read up as most recent tweets are on top!

        1. Made it! At the art institute #roadtrip

        2. Crossed the Mississippi today and I'm officially in Illinois!#route66 #roadtrip

        3. I met Gary Turner today in Gay Parita. What an amazing guy. So much fun. #route66 #roadtrip
        Ugh, for the millionth time, I know people usually go the other way. But those people don't live in Arizona #route66

      1. Actually he is tow tater, the inspiration for the cars character.#route66 #roadtrip

      2. I spotted Tow Mater here in Galena, Kansas. #route66#roadtrip

      3. Catoosa's blue whale. #roadtrip#route66

      4. The amazing meadow gold sign in Tulsa. #route66 #roadtrip
      Tonight: pool, shower, Internet, and real bed. Almost cried from happiness. #roadtrip via TweetDeck
      Great photo ops at Lucille's #roadtrip

    1. Don't stick your elbow out so far. It might come home in another car #burmashave

    2. I'm at Devils Rope & Route 66 Museum.

    1. favorite #Polaroid so far! Cadillac ranch #route66 #roadtrip

    2. I'm at Route 66 MidPoint - Adrian, TX.
    Route66ers - I can report that the unpaved road through glenrio is not in bad shape at all. Go for it! #route66 #roadtrip

  1. Hey, I'm in Texas!

  2. Tucumcari is my new Mecca #route66 #roadtrip

  3. love the colors on this sign.#route66 #roadtrip

  4. Dear annoying girl, making 3 loud phone calls 10 feet away from my campsite in the morning is not ok. Go sit in your car.

  5. Apparently the neighbors put out their fire; all the smoke is now in my tent.

  6. Listening to Quarter Share (again) because a road trip doesn't feel right without @nlowell's voice :) :)

  7. Love this sign virgie's restaurant, Gallup, nm. #route66 #roadtrip

I'm standing on it... Takin it easy. (@ The Corner in Winslow, Arizona)

  1. Meteor crater #route66

  2. I'm pretty sure Winona is in the song for rhyming purposes. Not much there. #route66

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