Wednesday, November 10, 2010

101 things update - 660 days

Oh man, it has been 660 days! I have to finish this list. Some of them need to be modified now that I'm moving, so I will work on those. Here is my 304 day update with commentary - I didn't want to include the same ones I had already discussed there. As of that date, I had completed 29/101. As of today, I have completed 43/101 and substantially completed 3 others. Here are the additional ones, with commentary. 

3. Become a CPA - now I just have to do it in Colorado too.
9. Read 30 books I haven’t read before (five should be "banned books") (30/30) - need banned books!
20. Do at least 1 closet clean-out - donate clothes/purses to charity
30. Hang all art/posters - and then I had to take them all down to move :)
40. Visit 5 states that I've never been to before (3/5) (Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma)
41. Create cleaning plan that is consistent. Maintain this cleaning plan until it becomes habitual. - This has been derailed a bit since we are moving. 
48. Take a solo trip - I definitely accomplished this one. 
50. Clean/organize closet
52. Complete a NaBloPoMo - working on my second one!
56. Go to a drive-in movie - just did this the other night. 
58. Plan meals/cook dinner every night for a week
59. Make lunch and bring to work every day for 2 weeks
61. Eat at 25 new restaurants Count so far: 20
71. Visit Hawaii
85. Stock up on polaroid film and store in refrigerator
94. Go to a ComiCon 
100. Go camping - lots of camping on my road trip!

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