Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Movie Round-up

So, since I have been out and about every day looking at rental homes, my walkthroughs and meetings were often spread far apart. My hotel is on the north side of town and the houses I'm looking at are on the south side. As a result, I've seen a bunch of movies to fill the gaps in my day. My friend had eye surgery recently and hasn't seen a movie in a while, so I was giving her my thoughts on what I've seen, inspiring the idea for this post.

Route 66

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I- of course this is a must-see for Potter fans. I thought it was the best of the movies, even with the challenging task of having most of the jealous, tense, camping scenes without the super exciting battle scenes of the second half. I enjoyed it a lot.

Tangled - I thought this one was pretty great, too. I originally thought that I wasn't going to like it much because I thought the previews made it seem too silly and too far removed from the original Rapunzel story. And, though I'm not really a 'rah rah 3D everything!' type of person, the lanterns were just magical in 3D.

127 hours - already covered the must-seeness of this one in an earlier post. Although it may be hard to watch at times, I thought it was pretty amazing. I'm hoping Aron Ralston is at the Oscars to support James Franco's Best Actor nomination (hey Aron, we are looking for Temple Grandin at the Emmy's level of enthusiasm). But yeah, I would be shocked if Franco didn't get a nod. And he's co-hosting too!

Burlesque - Great dance numbers, decent singing, but it was too long and, although not on par with Crossroads or Glitter, Christina Aguilara's acting is just not quite wonderful. There's some essential quality missing there. If Cher and Stanley Tucci hadn't been in it, I might have written it off completely. Also, can Kristen Bell please be given a great role?? She can act, people!

Love, and other Drugs - This one goes for sex over story and substance. The two leads were hot, I can say that for it. It tries to be a fun, trashy comedy and a romcom and a drama, all at the same time, unsuccessfully.

Secretariat - Very uplifting, but maybe a little too Disneyfied. I was hoping for real oscarbait with this one but I don't think it had that thing. You know, the undefinable oscar quality. I guess you can't really change what happened since it's a true story and all.

Life as we know it - They should have left some surprises out of the trailer, because it basically tells you the whole story. Nothing special here, funny at times and some mindless fun.

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  1. I ventured to Harry Potter this week and my eyeball didn't fall out or anything, so that's a plus ;)

    I too enjoyed the latest HP film; the camping scenes were nicely truncated yet retained the book's level of importance/emotional stress. I'm not sure which of the movies is my favorite, maybe Goblet of Fire just because that was my favorite book.

    I'll definitely have to see Tangled now that I can watch movies again - yay!


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