Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What I hate about nablopomo (and moving stuff)

There are too many posts during nablopomo and people end up ignoring the ones you put all the thought into because, by the time they read it, there are a bunch more posts. It's sort of frustrating.

Anyway, we have been going through all our moving stuff lately. It's been a little crazy, especially because we had our estimate done and the weight was way over what we thought it would be. The guy seemed to be very generous with his estimation, though, putting our balance ball down as weighing 14 lbs and listing more tables than we own and estimating we would need way more boxes than could possibly be necessary. We decided the way to combat this would be to clearly stage everything that is coming with us and what is staying, so there has been a lot of last minute shuffling of clothes and books and furniture. It's an adventure, and one we didn't plan on, making it a pain in the butt.

In addition, we will be living in a hotel for 3-4 weeks while we look for a place to live and explore the area. Not having to clean or organize or paint for a while feels pretty good, but it requires a completely separate set of packing. While packing us up, it has become apparent to me that my husband has very few cold weather clothes, and might die this winter. Apart from a few dress shirts and some actual coats, the man has no long sleeves. How is that possible? He also has no warming accessories. I had to pack his ski gloves. Weirdo.

I know that too many of my posts have been about moving lately, but that's pretty much all that's going on with me besides a marathon of Gilmore Girls, my favorite "have it on in the background while doing things" show. Anyone else have one of those? Anyone else out there moving?


  1. My family's in the process of moving--I'm not going with my parents (not really sure *where* I'm going, for that matter), but the For Sale sign got put up today and it kind of makes me sick.

  2. You're doing really well at it though! I've already skipped a couple of days. Erg.

  3. GG is totally my go-to background show! I hope you're able to find your mister some warmer clothes :/


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