Thursday, December 2, 2010

#reverb10 Distractions

What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing goals — and can you eliminate it?

Ok, I reinterpreted this question somewhat to apply more to me. I don't consider myself a "writer", per se so it was originally a little too specific for me. I know you might be thinking that I watch too much TV and that should be my distraction listed here. The truth is that I enjoy my TV, but I don't consider it to be my biggest distraction. It's just what I do when I am vegging out. I don't veg out because I watch TV, I watch TV when I veg out. I never schedule my life around television and I almost never watch shows when they are actually on, just when I have time later, usually an hour or so before bed or in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. I think my two biggest roadblocks right now are preoccupation (followed by panic) with thinking about what lies ahead, and just a general down-in-the-dumps feeling that saps my motivation and energy.

I'm working hard to eliminate these things through activity (aka getting OUT of the house when I can) and giving myself permission to relax. Thinking I don't deserve this time off is hampering my ability to actually enjoy it and appreciate it as a gift. If anyone has a suggestion to make that feeling magically disappear, I would greatly appreciate it :).

edit: I realized later that I might be rationalizing my TV watching, and I do watch several shows regularly, but I'm not afraid to admit that I like it. I hate when people who watch a considerable amount of TV say they don't watch that much. LIARS.


  1. I have determined that a certain amount of TV-watching is not distraction, but necessary down-time. Plus, even if you're not a writer, it can sometimes give you something about which to write - so where's the evil in that?

  2. Of course you're a writer -- even if you do nothing other than keep this blog (and I'll be you do), you're using words to reach out and communicate with the world.

    And I hear you on the TV. Once some friends and I were talking about a man who worked a demanding job, taught surgery part-time at a local medical school (he was a former surgeon), and wrote historical books on the side. We couldn't figure out how he managed to do 10 times more than we did in the same amount of time. Then we decided he probably didn't watch TV -- oops. (BUT can he intelligently discuss the last season of 16 and Pregnant? I DIDN"T THINK SO.)

  3. I have some shows that I watch like you, when I have the time. And I love it. Sometimes I need my thoughts to just stop racing around, and TV is super helpful in that regard. I need to veg out and shut my brain up once in a while.

    TV is the coolest.

  4. Sometimes you just need that TV veg time. I think the key is to just make sure it's not ALL the time. When we're bored I don't think we should go straight to the TV every time. But sometimes, it's ok :).

    And you totally deserve this time off. You worked harder than anyone! I know it can be hard to enjoy when it comes all at once, but just think how much you would have killed for a day off with no work anything during busy season ... :).

  5. TV time is a good down time sometimes, especially if you enjoy it! Great reflection. :)


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