Sunday, January 9, 2011

hello, how are you?

Hmmm.... long time no blog. The run-down:

First off, I've been without internet in Colorado due to the service provider being repeatedly ridiculous. Just as we finally got it hooked up, it was time for me to go to back to Arizona. Frustrating!

I drove back to AZ and worked on getting the remaining stuff at our Phoenix house packed up. We loaded up one of these PODs for storage. I highly recommend this storage method. They drop off a POD and you load it up and then call them and they come get it. Anyway, since my house doesn't really even have furniture, I was without internet there as well.

Christmas and New Years! We had a nice non-snowy (boo) Christmas in Prescott. Of course, they got hit with a serious storm right after we went back to Phoenix but that's the way it goes, I guess. I have to keep reminding myself that we live in Colorado now so we will be seeing plenty of snow (including right at this moment!) We had a fun New Years with our friends in Tucson, as is tradition (the fun and the friends).

I drove back to Colorado Springs with my brother and two unhappy but mostly well-behaved cats. There was very little room in the car with all our stuff so the cats had to be stacked up in a two-story configuration. I would be lying if I said they were thrilled about the arrangement.

Since getting back, we have been giving my brother a great vacation before he starts grad school. All the fun things we have been doing deserve their own blog post, however. If we get the amount of snow tonight that has been predicted, we have even more fun and ridiculous plans for tomorrow.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend month!

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